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Shanghai DANHAI Plastics Co. Ltd. which was founded in 1998, is a member of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association. Shanghai DANHAI Plastics Co. Ltd. is a promising enterprise capable of developing hi-tech products and protecting the environment. The company produces biodegradable masterbatches and finished products at an annual output of 40,000 tons. Our products have passed environmental authentication and have been awarded national green environmental product certificate and confirmed as key new national product.

High-Tech Enterprise Certificate

Certificate of Star of Green Products


Starate Biodegradative Masterbatches

Degradative Polyethylene Agricultural Ground Coverage Film

Degradative Polyethylene Blown Film Product for Packages

Shopping Bag

Flat-mouth Bag

Rolling bag

Garbage Bag

Bag with a Loop

8-fold Rolling Bag

Bag with a Slot on Top

Sheet Products for Plastics-Sucking

Seedings Raisings Bowls

Case for Chopsticks



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