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Biodegradable Polyethylene Blown Film Product for Packaging is of two main types, i.e. those intended for consumer use, and those for industrial use. The products for consumer use are further divided into two kinds according to the purposes, i.e. those to be used for food packaging and those intended for other purpose. All biodegradable products intended for food packaging are guaranteed to meet the GB9687 health and sanitary standards.
The biodegradable sheeting products for packaging are made from polyethylene mixed with a certain amount of biodegradable substance and blown into biodegradable sheeting.
Owing to its strength and biodegradable property, degradable polyethylene sheeting has proved to be excellent packaging material that can satisfactorily stand wear and tear, as well as degrade into harmless particles and be absorbed in the soil after a period of time without any detrimental effects on the environment.
Having the advantage of being nontoxic, odorless and inexpensive, these products have been approved by the China National Commission for the Assessment of Environmentally Friendly Products.

See the following illustrations, for the appearance of the biodegradable packaging sheets containing 80% of the basic material before and after the biodegradable process takes place and for a magnified sample of the biodegradation effect:

A table showing the variables resulting from differences in the proportion of the basic material is given below:



Sheeting Weight Stretching Strength MPa Breading Point %  Dropping Impact Resisting Load Weight Limit
F120A: 7042: Degradable material (um) (g/m2)


horizontal vertical  horizontal (30g) (kg)
65:15:20 25±3  21.1 34.5 35.7 495 430 breaking0/10 10
55:15:30 25±3 22.1 34.5 32.4 420 555 breaking0/10 9
45:15:40 25±3 22.1 24.4 25.6 395 480 breaking0/10 8
35:15:50 25±3 21.9 21.1 27.4 400 510 breaking0/10 7
25:15:60 25±3 20.4 23.8 18.7 440 580 breaking0/10 6
20:10:70 25±3 21.3 20.1 15.7 395 618 breaking0/10 5
10:10:80 25±3 22.3 15.3 12.2 440 585 breaking0/10 4
10: 0:90 25±3 21.3 14.2 11.2 400 555 breaking0/10 3

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